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schmartboard-imageThe SchmartBoard system is the fastest and easiest electronic circuit prototyping system ever conceived. The system supports through hole and surface mount components. Whether you are a seasoned engineer, a professor looking for a better tool to teach with, a student who needs to get that senior project completed or a hobbyist who needs to solder a surface mount component, SchmartBoard is the best solution.

With SchmartBoard|ez anyone can hand solder a 0.4mm pitch IC, even a novice. The secret is in the grooves on the board, which place the IC in perfect alignment with the pads on the board. In addition, you don’t have to fumble with solder, because the board has the solder on it already. All you have to do is heat up the solder in the grooves and push it through the grooves to the chip leads. We make them for all pitches of: Discrete SMT, SOIC, QFP, QFN and even BGA.

Even if your goal was to create a bridge on this board, you would have a difficult time doing it!

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