Surface Mount Components Can Finally
Be Used In Electronics Education!

schmartboardSchmartBoard has finally made prototyping your circuit user-friendly, even when a .4mm pitch IC is involved. SchmartBoard|ez makes hand soldering SMT parts fast, easy and flawless.

The SchmartBoard system is the fastest and easiest electronic circuit prototyping system ever conceived. The system supports through hole and surface mount components. Whether you are a seasoned engineer, a professor looking for a better tool to teach with, a student who needs to get that senior project completed or a hobbyist who needs to solder a surface mount component, SchmartBoard is the best solution.

With SchmartBoard|ez anyone can hand solder a 0.4mm pitch IC, even a novice. The secret is in the grooves on the board, which place the IC in perfect alignment with the pads on the board. In addition, you don’t have to fumble with solder, because the board has the solder on it already. All you have to do is heat up the solder in the grooves and push it through the grooves to the chip leads. We make them for all pitches of: Discrete SMT, SOIC, QFP, QFN and even BGA.

Even if your goal was to create a bridge on this board, you would have a difficult time doing it!

Who's using SchmartBoard?


SchmartBoards are pre-traced printed circuit boards that support a majority of electronic component types, both through-hole and surface-mount. The pre-traced aspect of the board means there are less wire jumpers required than in other prototyping systems. This makes for a much cleaner board and keeps wiring errors to an absolute minimum.


The SchmartBoard system allows one to work on a circuit block at a time, and then connect the blocks together using our patent pending technology, called SchmartBridge. By having the ability to work on a block at a time, you can test the individual blocks and then connect them together. This makes testing and trouble-shooting a breeze.


SchmartModules are circuit blocks that are already designed and ready to go. Examples of SchmartModules are I/O, memory, processors, etc. The idea here is why reinvent the wheel? If you are using and RS232 interface in your circuit, it makes more sense to take an RS232 SchmartModule and connect it via a SchmartBridge to your SchmartBoard circuit rather than designing and soldering this block from scratch. The more SchmartModules that you can use in a circuit design, the faster and easier it will be to get the circuit up and running.


In cases where a SchmartModule does not yet exist, you may be able to download a schematic for that function. We have SchmartDevelopers from around the world who design schematics for many different functions for use with SchmartBoard system and post them for you to use for free.


SchmartBoard|ez is our solution for hand soldering surface-mount components. After some extensive R&D we found that two skills are needed to hand-solder surface mount components. First the ability to place the chip on the solder pads and keep it in place to solder, and second the ability to solder such small areas without creating short circuits on the chip legs. SchmartBoard|ez resolves both issues so that virtually anyone can now use surface mount components, even a 10 year old.

In Summary - To design or build a circuit the Schmart way, find as many SchmartModules as you can use in your circuit. If the SchmartModule does not exist for a common circuit block, search our SchmartDeveloper pages to see if a schematic exists for download, then purchase the SchmartBoard|ez's for portions that you'll need to hand solder…for the easiest hand-soldering experience of your life. Put all the circuit blocks together utilizing the SchmartBridges. You are finished, you are happy, and most importantly you are now Schmart!

The links below are to video resources demonstrating hand-soldering of the SchmartBoard...

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