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IF-E60: Adventures in Fiber Optics Kit...Just for Kids!

Welcome to the fascinating world of fiber optic technology!

Not long ago fiber optics was little more than a laboratory curiosity. Physicists and scientists in research labs were the only people doing much work in this field.

In the last 20 years all that has changed. From its obscure beginnings in the back of a lab, fiber optics has become an important and rapidly changing technology. It employs many of the world's brightest scientists nd business people.

With this kit anyone can follow the exploits of famous experimenters such as Galileo, Franklin, Tyndall, and Gould, begin to explore fiber optics starting with the very basics and learn more about the fascinating potential of fiber optical technology. Requires no electronics or optics experience.

The kit is suggested for ages 10 and above. It contains materials and an instruction manual to complete five unique projects and 20 exciting experiments such as:

Bending a LIght Guide


Tyndall's Prestigioius Light-in-Water Experiment

Special Fiber Optic LIghting

Art of Polishing Glass

Making Your Own Image Conduit

Creating a Holiday Ornament

Kit items include penlight, rubber light hood, six different optical fiber types, Ulexite image transferring rock, three coherent fiber optic components, color gel filters, lens, star/constellation map, polishing film and other miscellaneous components.


IF-OVL10-K: Optical Voice LInk (Unassembled Kit)
IF-OVL10-A: Assembled
IF-OVL20-K: Duplex Kit
IF-OVL20-A: Assembled Duplex

This Industrial Fiber Optics kit "favorite" may have earned more high grades and scholastic honors for student science projects than any other. For students and experimenters alike, the Optical Voice Link is the ideal introduction for an electronics hobbyist first learning about the marvels, mysteries and science of light transmission through optical fiber. There is something fascinating, indeed, about hearing your own voice, after it has been converted into light and then coupled into, through, and out of an optical fiber.

The Optical Voice LInk is suitable for science projects; home projects for the hobbyist; short audio fiber optic curricula for schools; inexpensive classroom demonstrations; hands-on industrial training; and voice transmission in critical electrical isolation applications.


High-quality audio circuits

On-board microphone

Visible LED optimized for plastic optical fiber

9-volt battery operation

Low stand-by current for long battery life

High-quality multilayer PCBs

Plastic optical fiber with simple terminations

Extendable to 20 meters

32-page full color instruction booklet

(Kit includes: printed wiring boards, switches, electronics, microphone, 8-ohm speaker, three meters of plastic fiber optic cable, and an uncomplicated tutorial and step-by-step assembly instruction manual. No prior fiber optics experience, special tools or training are needed to build, use and enjoy the multiple applications of this kit. Some experience with soldering is recommended for completion of the unassembled version.)


IF-E22: Educational Communication Kit

This is our most popular kit, providing studnets the opportunity to examine fiber optic communication technology at its basics. It's a great hands-on educational product as well as an opportunity for the serious investigator/experimenter to explore fiber optic technology inexpensively. The Communication Kit is an easy-to-assemble, digital link for experimenting and beginner science objects. (This digital link for experimenting and beginner science objects. (This digital link also can be used to construct high-voltage isolation for telephone, modems and computers)


Visible fiber optic source and detector

Built-in oscillator for testing and demos

TTL and CMOS logic-compatible inputs and outputs

Low-voltage operation

Utilizes plastic optical fiber with simple terminations

32-page comprehensive booklet covering assembly, schematics, experiments, fiber optic fundamentals and circuit operation.

It contains red LED and photodetector, one meter of optical fiber, printed wiring boards, polishing film, oscillator chip, electronic components and instruction booklet. Suitable for students in grades 9 and above. (We recommend some soldering experience for assembly).


IF-LM: Lab Course and Lab Kit
IF-LMH: Lab Manual with Lab Kit

The Lab Course is a 68-page guide which contains nine fascinating fiber optics experiments. Lab Course is now in its 4th edition, whish has full-color illustrations throughout. With the Lab Course, instructors can avoid having to create their own fiber optics or opto-electronics experiments and thus spend more time with their students. Do-it-yourself experimenters will learn valuable practical experience about fiber optics. Each of the nine experiments contains activities which use state-of-the-art opto-electronic components. Along with learning about unique fiber optics procedures, these activities later can be used in dealing with practical, real-world situations. Experiments begin with the basic physics and progress toward solutions for design and circuit problems.


Making a light guide

Fiber optic cable transmission

Characteristics of connectors and splices

Index-matching procedures

Speed of opto-electronic devices

Fiber optic transmitter

Receiver design

Fiber termination techniques

Lab Kit contains all the fiber optic and electronic components required to complete the experiments in the Lab Course manual. Lab Kit contains optical light pipe, fiber optic cable, splices, connectors and polishing film, with LEDs, photodetectors, transmitter and receiver electronics. No special tools or training required.)

IF-LM-A: Lab Manual Answer Guide

Also available is a 26-page answer guide for the Lab Manual containing tables of typical experimental data derived in our labs, plus answers to all questions and homework assignments.

Any instructor who uses the Lab Manual and Lab Kit can request a complimentary Answer Guide. Contact ESS customer service for details.


IF-E33: Science Project Kit

Learn about fiber optics the easy way by experimenting and building fascinating, functional projects. No prior optical experience is needed. Our practical, 224-page text begins with easily grasped discussions about fiber optics fundamentals. Next are eight lab experiments and a final section with five intriguing projects, including "Getting Acquainted with a Light Pipe," "AM Fiber Optic Receiver," and "Fiber Optic Light-Pen Cable." Finished products such as an analog voice link and a light pen have many daily uses and applications to further study.

(Kit includes all necessary fiber optic components, connectors and cable. Ideal for science projects in advanced junior high and high school classrooms.)


IF-545: Fiber Optic A/D Kit

An ideal kit for high school and technical instructors who require the ability to demonstrate analog and digital fiber optics communications principles with a single, economical product. When assembled, the kit provides a unique arrangement of dual-purpose analog and digital transmitter and receiver modules. The transmitter is a user-selectable design with an on-board microphone for an audio analog signal source and a built-in 15 Hz oscillator for digital signals. It also has input connections for external analog and CMOS-compatible signals. The receiver also incorporates a dual-purpose analog/digital design with a power amplifier driving a 10 cm speaker, digitized circuitry for signals and flashing LED. Unlike other fiber optic kits, this one requires no oscilloscope and is powered by two 9V batteries, eliminating the need for external power supplies. The kit includes:

Transmitter and receiver printed wiring boards

All required electronic circuit components

Plastic fiber optic cable and connectors

Complete instructions on how to assemble components and complete all projects

Full-color 40-page instruction manual

The only accessories required but not included are a soldering iron, tools needed for assembly of the kit, and two 9V batteries. Economical for both individual students and group projects.


IF-C-C10: LC Connector Kit

DNP components and complete instructions needed to forge two bulkhead connections for 2.2mm jacketed 1000µm core, plastic fiber. No polishing, adhesives or special tools required.

IF-E10: Experimenter's Kit

Our least expensive basic kit--ideal for designing experiments, original science projects and short-distance optical isolation applications. Included are one meter of 1000µm plastic optical fiber, matched IR LED and photodetector (IF-E91 nd IF-D92, respectively) with integral fiber optic connectors, instructional design information and application hints.


Designer's Kits

A "creativity-friendly" kit for technicians, experiments, scientists and enterprising students who are searching for a quick solution for prototypes or special-purpose interfaces requiring fiber optics capabilities. This very low-cost "active link" requires a single +5-V power supply and interfaces with all TTL/CMOS logic. It includes 10 meters of 1000µm plastic optical cable; efficient dry, non-polish connectors, bulkhead interfaces, and splices; integrated photodetector(s) and LED(s); and top-quality multi-layer printed wiring boards. Full instructions and technical data sheets complete the package. The operable range of both kits can be extended to 60 meters with additional cable purchased separately. Designer's Kits have been the basis of many fiber optics "brainstorms" and technical solutions.

IF-SD11: Simplex Kit (single channel)
IF-DD11: Duplex Kit (bi-directional)
IF-SD12: 5 MB Simplex Development Kit


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