Weller/Ungar & Xcelite Tools


1800: Weller/Ungar Soldering System

Economical ESD-safe soldering station features electronic closed-loop temperature control. With a long-life ceramic heater, this CMOS-safe unit is fully grounded and UL listed. With macro iron for general purpose soldering. Equipped with PL 113 tip. 120V, 60Hz.

1801: Ungar Soldering System

Featuring continuously-variable temperature control over a range of 400 deg. F to 800 deg. F, this ESD-safe soldering system is fully grounded and UL listed. 120V, 60Hz.

1801: UTC-100 Soldering System

with macro iron for general purpose soldering
PL 100 tip included

1802: UTC-200 Soldering System

with micro iron for precision work
9012 tip included

1811: Xcelite 170M Cutters

flush cutting, length 5"

1812 Xcelite 378M Pliers

finely serrated jaws, length 5.5"

The most comfortable tools available! Shock absorbing molded grips and spring return. Quality, comfort and value.

Soldering Irons

1804: Weller Model 3125 25W
700 deg. F

1805: Ungar Model 3140 40W
900 deg. F

The soldering irons combine economy with performance for all types of soldering. Tips are replaceable, and the full line of Ungar 1/4" thread-on tips may be used. An iron holder is included. 120V, 60Hz


Soldering Iron Tips

1/4" Thread-On, for 3125, 3140, UTC Series, DI and Standard Line
Iron clad and silver plated except as noted

1821 PL100 Precision Electronic
1822 PL111 Pencil
1823 111 Pencil (copper)
1824 PL113 Chisel

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