Training Modules

Spectrum3 Training Modules

7th Grade reading level

Low equipment & tool requirement

No dangerous voltages

Bonus Build project with each module

Low cost

Spectrum3 is a series of modules which teach the fundamentals of electricity and electronics. Students are systemically promoted from one electrical concept to the next. The 24-36 page manuals have step-by-step instructions, using predominately short sentences, words average less than 1.7 syllables each, illustrations are clear and frequent. To motivate the student, all parts, printed circuit board, wire, solder and step-by-step assembly and soldering instructions for an exciting electronic project are provided with each Module. The Equipment and Tool Packages list all requirements; equivalent brands and models may be used. 9 Volt and/or AA batteries are required.

Modular Courseware

In each Module, the student begins by taking inventory, learning to identify and inspect parts. Next, the Module's topic is discussed. Following the discussion, the student performs experiments to experience and verify material covered in the discussion. After the experiments, there is a brief quiz.

Student Benefits

Discovers physical components through parts ID and inventory

Learns principles of electricity in the Discussion

Experiences the concepts in the Experiments

Affirms knowledge acquired by taking the Quiz

Develops manipulative skills during Assembly

Sees the practical application of principles in the BONUS BUILD

Enjoys using the BONUS BUILD device

Develops self-esteem by saying, "I built it myself, and I know how it works!"

Bonus Build

In the Bonus Build phase, an electronic device which demonstrates principles taught in the Module, is assembled.


With Instructor's Guide
(includes Quiz answer keys)

Spectrum3 Modules can be purchased as a complete set or individually.

Individual Modules (Model 393 includes all of the Modules listed below:)

Module Title Bonus Build
300 Solder Practice Police Siren & LEDs
301 Introduction to Electricity Burglar Alarm
302 Components, Symbols & Schematics Wireless Microphone
303 Voltage, Current & Resistance European Siren
304 Ohm's Law Oscillating Siren
305 Series & Parallel Circuits Battery Tester
306 Diodes Flashing LEDs
307 Transistors Morse Code Practice Kit
308 Capacitance & Capacitors Blinking Eyes
309 Inductance & Inductors Transistor Tester

Equipment and Tool Packages

391:Equipment Package:

DM10 Digital Multi-Meter & BB7 Breadboard

392: Tool Package:

Soldering Iron, Soldering Iron Holder, Pliers, Cutters, Wire Stripper, Screwdriver, and Heat Sink


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