Technical Books

64550: Understanding Data Communications

619 pgs. Provides comprehensive data communications principles and network background information. Explains how data communications really works. Covers the latest thin client and modern technology, voice digitization, and wireless data transmission. G. Held

Electrical Principles and Practices

65395 (Textbook) 460 pgs
65401 (Workbook) 178 pgs
65410 (Instructor's Guide 48 pgs

Provides a comprehensive, content filled introduction to basic electrical theory, circuit fundamentals and practical wiring techniques. The text is based upon typical residential, commercial, and industrial systems and represents the broad range of uses for electricity found in different industries. Glen Mazur and Peter Zurlis


65393: Cabling: The Complete Guide to Network Wiring

821 pgs. Nearly 70% of all network-related problems result from poor cabling or cabling problems, but the cables, hubs, bridges that carry a company's vital data remain the most neglected and under appreciation components of the typical network. The authors show you how to avoid these problems and how to build for optimum performance now and in the future. David Growth and Jim MCPO

65394: Fiber Optics Technicians Manual

242 pgs. Serves as a practical guide for the designer, installer and troubleshooter of fiber optic cable. Comprehensive in scope, this book addresses applications of fiber optics including telephone, CATV, and computer networks. Based on materials developed by trainers for their own training programs. Features must know information about how to design and install fiber optics. Jim Hayes


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