Starter Kits

300: Solder Practice Kit

An excellent beginner's kit, the Instruction Book, printed circuit board and parts are divided into two sections: PRACTICE and BONUS BUILD. Step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations make this a success-oriented kit for students and instructors with NO EXPERIENCE.

An ideal module for Tech Ed! All parts for the Practice and Bonus Build (POLICE SIREN WITH FLASHING LEDS) Sections are included. The PCB has a parts placement silkscreen, solder mask, large solder pads and an open layout to maximize student success. A meter and breadboard are NOT required.

Practice Section

Using practice parts including resistors, electrolytic and disc capacitors, IC socket, diode and wire, and the practice portion of the PCB, the student learns hot to:

Identify components

Use the Resistor Color Code

Recognize polarity marks

Mount components

Strip and tin wire


Heat sink


Bonus Build Section

After completing the Practice Section, the student snaps off the Practice portion of the PCB, leaving the Bonus Build PCB. A fun-filled POLICE SIREN WITH FLASHING LEDS is then built. 9V battery required.

starter kit300: Solder Practice Kit, including Police Siren & Flashing LEDs

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