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601A: "Scooter" Sound Controlled Robot

Fast-paced excitement

Sensitive microphone

Changes direction when you clap your hands or when it hits an object

This speedy robot keeps banging into objects, but each time it does, it momentarily shifts into reverse and then heads off in a new direction.

YOU can also make it change direction with a loud sound such as clapping your hands.

Learn motor theory, transistor switching and R/C time constant circuits. The 24-page 2-color Instruction Manual features step-by-step instructions, schematic and block diagrams, self-test and troubleshooting guide. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

602A: "Blinky" Pathfinder Robot

You determine its path

Infrared emitter and detector

Follows lines you make

2 motors

This amazing robot sees and follows a straight or curved path YOU make with a black marker or tape. Make the path as simple or complex as YOU want.

The infrared emitter and light sensor circuit controls a servo feedback loop causing the motors to make course corrections; red and green LEDs blink to display changes in direction. Principles of electro-optics, analog and digital circuitry and more are covered in the 28-page Instruction Manual. Illustrated assembly instructions, many schematic and block diagrams, quiz and troubleshooting guide complete the Manual. .Requires one 9V and two AA batteries (not included).

Order No. 64605 Textbook, 344 pages     Order No. 64610 Lab Manual, 124 pgs.

603A: Digital Programmable Robot

Program direction, light, and sound

Detachable programming keypad

Includes everything needed to program

No computer needed

2 motors

Optional computer interface kits

YOU program this robot to go forward, turn right, turn left, pause, sound a buzzer, light an LED. A sequence of up to 256 instructions can be programmed with the 7-function keypad

OPTIONAL Computer Interface Kits, 631A and 623A, allow you to program the robot using a computer. Use Model to program with Micro-Processor Trainer. An interface kit is not necessary. The same programs can be given to the Robot using the keypad or Interface Kit.

The Robot's brain, a 1k Static RAM IC, retains instructions YOU program using the supplied keypad. The 42-page 2-color Instruction Manual covers digital logic including flip-flops and memory. Several schematic and block diagrams are used to explain circuit theory. Illustrated assembly instructions and troubleshooting guide complete the comprehensive book. Requires one 9V and two AA batteries.

Companion Textbook and Lab Manual
Written for Carnegie Mellon University

Textbook and lab exercise manual used in the Carnegie Mellon "Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering" class. From the preface of the lab manual: "The robot provides a system context in which we can place the concepts from both electrical and computer engineering."

Use the same courseware as Carnegie Mellon University. Written by two CMU professors, this introductory textbook and lab exercise manual are suitable for an advanced high school course or a first course in college. Only knowledge of basic algebra is needed (no other math, or physics). The exercises are centered around Graymark's Model Programmable Robot. As the student builds the robot, he or she will also build a theoretical understanding of electrical and computer engineering. In each chapter, one or more important concepts are linked to hands-on experience. The basic concepts for each subsystem of the robot are fully explored by assembling and experimenting with the circuit on a prototyping board. After theory and knowledge are interwoven, the subsystem is soldered onto the robot's printed circuit board.


Optional Computer Interface Kits for 603A

Use with Model Robot. These Kits allow you to program the Robot with a computer by writing a BASIC program. Any computer that can run BASIC programs may be used.

613A: Parallel Interface Kit

Mates with Centronics parallel printer cable. All parts, PCB, case and Instruction Book are included. Requires one 9V battery (not included).

623A: Serial Interface Kit

Mates with DB25 male connector on serial printer cable. All parts, PCB, case and Instruction Book are included. Requires one 9V battery (not included).

811A: Interface Kit

Plugs onto the Graymark model 809 Micro-Processor Trainer edge connector. Program in binary, hexadecimal or mnemonics. All parts and PCB are included.


606A: "Scrambler" All Terrain Robot

High-tech infrared beam

Avoids objects in its path

Walks over rough terrain

Fun to watch

2 motors

This 6-legged Robot walks in a straight line until it sees an object in its path. The Robot's eye, a state-of-the-art infrared beam like those used in alarm system motion detectors, sees the object and alerts the motor control circuits which alter the Robot's course to avoid the object.

The 32-page Instruction Manual discusses infrared beams, operational amplifiers, photodetectors, motor control theory and more. Illustrated assembly instructions, schematic and block diagrams, quick and troubleshooting guide complete the Manual. Requires one 9V and four AA batteries (not included).

Order No. 693Order No. 694

693: Robots, Androids, and Animatrons

Starts with novice level, progresses to medium-level complexity through construction of state-of-the-art robotics projects. Covers base platforms for locomotion, sensors and robotic intelligence-expert and neural. Projects include a functional, life-like android (with soft rubber hand material and nitinol wire), a robotic "insect" controlled by a single-board BASIC computer, and a land rover robot. This 270-page book provides a great foundation for advanced projects.

694: Robot Builder's Bonanza

- 2nd Edition

A major revision of the bestselling book of amateur robotics building--packed with the latest in servo motor technology, micro-controlled robots, remote control, Lego Mindstorms Kits, and other commercial kits. Gives fully illustrated plans for 11 complete Robots, as well as all-new coverage of Robotix-based Robots, Lego Technic-based Robots, Functionoids with Lego Mindstorms, and Location and Motorized Systems with Servo Motors.

Features material on using the BASIC Stamp and other micro-controllers. Includes remote-controlled robots and robots that find their own way, a robotic arm and a robotic bug. Build robots from toys, and robots controlled by computers. You can build them all from plans in this book, or design your own.


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