Komponent Kits

Komponent Kits are a selection of low-cost electronic kits for use when time or cost constraints preclude use of the more complete Graymark Projects. Each Komponent Kit includes the electronic parts necessary to assemble the circuit. The Instruction Sheet for each Kit features a parts placement diagram, assembly steps, discussion of product operation and PCB artwork. The builder can make his own PCB using the etch pattern supplied on the instruction sheet.

Komponent Kits with PCBs

Each Kit is also available with an etched and drilled PCB. Refer to the following chart for the suggested cabinet for each Kit. Kits are available with or without PCBs. We have super Savings on Kits with PCBs.

Recommended Cabinets for Komponent Kits
102 1500 108 1501 120 1500 140 1502 148 1500 159 1503
103 1500 109 1501 123 1503 143 1501 151 1500

104 1504 110 1500 124 1503 144 1500 152 1503

105 1501 112 1501 131 1503 145 1503 154

106 1501 117 1500 136 1500 146 1503 155 1501

107 1503 119 1501 138 1503 147 1503 157 1500

Typical Komponent KitMake your own PCB or......buy a kit with a PCBFinished Komponent Kit

NOTE: Cabinet and Battery sold separately
• Kits Available With or Without PCBs
• SUPER SAVINGS on Kits with PCBs

Model 102P: 6/9 Volt Power Supply

100mA battery eliminator, dual range output switch, neon pilot lamp, AC operated

Model 102: 6/9 Volt Power Supply without PCB

Model 103P: Mini-Wink Neon Flasher

Random flash pattern; interesting displays; 6 neon lamps; AC operated

Model 103: Mini-Wink Neon Flash without PCB

Model 106P: Metal Detector Oscillator

Located hidden metal objects; use with 9Vdc AM radio; tunable circuit; battery operated

Model 106: Metal Detector Oscillator without PCB

Model 108P: Decision Maker

Yes or no decisions - never maybe; unbiased; relaxation oscillator circuit; AC operated

Model 109: Decision Maker without PCB

Model 109P: Auto/Home Burglar Alarm

Use with your car horn or Graymark Model 110 or; Model 124 siren; latching circuit; battery operated

Model 109: Auto/Home Burglar Alarm without PCB

Model 110P: Electronic Whooper Siren

Powerful wailing sound; dual oscillator circuit; use with any alarm circuit; battery operated

Model 110: Electronic Whooper Siren without PCB

Model 112P: Proximity Detector

Turn lights on and off; adapt to alarm or chime circuit; SCR controlled; AC operated

Model 112: Proximity Detector without PCB

Model 117P: Tunable Electronic Organ

Adjust motor speed to suit application; also use as light dimmer

Model 117: Tunable Electronic Organ without PCB

Model 119P: Motor Speed Control

Adjust motor speed to suit application; also use as light dimmer; SCR controlled; AC operated

Model 119: Motor Speed Control without PCB

Model 120P: Siren/Code Oscillator

Loud, piercing siren; also practice Morse code; battery operated

Model 120: Siren/Code Oscillator without PCB

Model 123P: Electronic Timer

Adjust motor speed to suit application; also use as light dimmer; SCR controlled; AC operated

Model 123: Electronic Timer without PCB

Model 124P: Warbling Siren

Two-tone oscillating siren; loud and piercing; 2 ICs; 3 to 12V operation. May use in car

Model 124: Warbling Siren without PCB

Model 131P: Variable Power Supply

0-15Vdc, 300mA; regulated with zener diode and transistor; AC operated

Model 131: Variable Power Supply without PCB

Model 144P: Transistor/Diode Checker

Test NPN or PNP transistors, LEDs, and diodes; 4 LEDs indicate short, open, or good condition; 1 IC, battery operated

Model 144: Transistor/Diode Checker without PCB

Model 152P: Sound Activated
3-Channel Color Organ

600W or pulsing lights; no direct connection to sound source; separate control for each channel; AC operated

Model 152: Sound Activated
3-Channel Color Organ without PCB

Model 157P: LED Flasher

Random flash pattern; red, green, and yellow LEDs; battery operated

Model 157: LED Flasher without PCB

Model 159P: Function Generator

A versatile laboratory instrument at a fraction of the cost of conventional function generators; provides 3 basic waveforms; sine, triangle, square; 1Hz to 100kHz; AC operated

Model 159: Function Generator without PCB


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