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Cable Installation, Termination Training

56220: Cable Instructors Video Series

Learn how to teach cable installation, termination, and testing!

Learn how to teach cable installation, termination, and testing! This 17-tape series was filmed during a live Graymark Cable Instructors Workshop. Tapes can be used in the classroom as well as for instructor training. Expert demonstration of the relevant installation, termination, and testing of:

3 Technologies: Twisted Pair, Optical Fiber

3 Industries: Video, Data, Voice

3 Types of Installations: Commercial, Residential, Industrial

Great for first-time instructor training and subsequent review, this video series can also be used in the classroom to augment instructor lectures and reinforce proper practices and procedures for all types of cable installation, termination, and testing. (Run time 30 min. each).

56100: Cable Termination Trainer

The Cable Termination Trainer can be used for self-study or in an instructor-led classroom. This trainer introduces the student to cable and network theory. It provides numerous exercises, starting with coaxial cable, where the student learns to work with RG-6, RG-58 and RG-59 cables. The student then moves on to the Twisted Pair Practice Station and learns to cut, strip, dress, route, and terminate.

The Cable Termination Trainer consists of: student courseware, individual Twisted Pair Practice Station, all necessary tools, and all cables and connectors.

Computer & Network Technology Trainers & Tools

Order No. 56240: AMIDiag Suite 2.0 (PC Diagnostic Tool Set)

AMI Diagnostic Software

Use this popular software to diagnose PCI, VESA, EISA, ISA, Plug&Play and PCMCIA systems. The 184-page User's Guide includes complete instructions. A Virus Scan program and serial and parallel loopback connectors are included. The graphic user interface provides quick access to dozens of tests and reports including:


Motherboard, CPU, Co-Processor, DMA & IRQ Controllers

BIOS ROM, System RAM, Cache

Hard Drive media analysis, performance, seek and read

Floppy Disk speed, read/write, disk change line and more

Keyboard, video, serial and parallel ports, mouse, sound card and speaker

System Information Reports

IRQ and DMA assignments for IDE and SCSI controllers, sound cards, CD-ROM drives and many other types of devices

Memory block details, CMOS information, system files and lots of other information

PCI-ISA Post Card

Include this with your AMI Software. Plugs into any 8-bit slot and displays BIOS error codes. Five LED's display status of +3V, +5V, -5V, +12V, and -12V. Great for systems that will not boot. Book includes POST codes for AMI, Award and Phoenix BIOS.

Order No. 55625: Network Service Tool Set

Popular installation and service tools for networks, modems and telephone. All hand tools are professional, heavy duty type, not the low cost versions found in many retail stores.

Use the compact tester on 10BASE-T (UTP & STP), thin Ethernet (BNC), 8-position Token Ring, AT&T 258A and EIA/TIA 568A/B. Automatically scans cables for continuity, wiring sequence and polarization. Tests STP cable ground. Testing installed cables is easy with the Remote Terminator and gender changers (UTP and BNC). All indicators and switches are on the Master Unit. Instructions and zipper pouch included.

Replacement blades for the Modular and Coax Strippers and replacement die sets for the Coax Crimper are available. Set includes:

Multi-Network Cable Tester

AC Receptacle Tester

Modular Cutting, Stripping/ Crimping Tool (4, 6, & 8-Position)

Coax Stripping Tool, RG-58 & RG-59

BNC Crimping Tool, RG-58 & RG-59

Cable Cutter

Coax Tool Carrying Case

Battery for Cable Tester

Order No. 55920: Network Installation Tool Set

Includes all tools in model 55625 (above) except the Multi-Network Cable Tester.


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