GPS Technology

555: Electronics Module & GPS Technology Kit

This is the electronics trainer you've been searching for!

An excellent introduction to Electronics course, the electronics module teaches key circuit functions. The Interface Board was specifically designed with low level components to enable analog and digital circuits to be taught. Students construct the kit one section at a time. Each section contains a discussion of theory, step-by-step construction instructions, and hands-on exercises. Topical coverage includes:

Voltage Dividers

R/C Timing


Transistor Inverters

Darlington Transistors

Op Amps: Comparator, Amplifier

Clock Generators

Logic Gates/Flip Flops

Divide by N Counters

Monostable Multivibrators

RS-232 Interfaces

The 555 module is supported by comprehensive courseware in electronics and electronic theories; students experience one of the most educational electronics kits available.

GPS-101: Global Positioning System Trainer

GPS and electronic module all in one!

An exiting kit that students construct using clear step-by-step instructions in the well-illustrated Student Instruction Manual. The kit teaches GPS (Global Positioning System) technology and basic digital and analog electronics.

Electronic Topics Covered

Covers analog and digital circuitry. Courseware is divided into sections allowing trainers to adjust to their teaching curriculum. Each section contains a discussion of theory, step-by-step construction instructions, and hands-on exercises


The completed kit contains the following hardware components:

GPS Engine

Active GPS Antenna

Interface Circuit Board


GPS systems require that at least 3 satellites be visible. Most classrooms do not have adequate exposure to 3 or more satellites. Graymark's Re-Radiating System delivers satellite signals from the school's roof to the classroom, enabling GPS receivers to function properly. If a notebook computer is available, students can perform outdoor navigation exercises.


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