Fiber Optics

Explore Fiber Optics with safe, low cost plastic fiber!

Low cost, reliable components

Easy-to-follow instructions

Safe plastic fiber

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Graymark offers a wide variety of fiber optic kits; one will meet your training or experiment needs. Each kit uses a proven system of low cost plastic fiber cable, emitters, detectors, connectors and mounting brackets. This commercial grade fiber optic system does not require special tools, training or prior experience. Parts and instructions to build at least one Fiber Optic data link are supplied with each kit.

1731: Intermediate Fiber Optic Training Kit

Comprised of a 60-page manual and more than 85 components. Experiments include making a light pipe, fiber cable transmission, splices, connectors and terminations, speed of opto-electronic devices, transmitters, receivers, and making a star coupler. Can be used with any fiber optic textbook or by itself. Experiments give the student affordable hands-on experience. In addition to fiber optic splices, mounting hardware and cable, 18 semiconductors are provided including LEDs, photodiodes, phototransistors, photodarlingtons, and TTL, CMOS and linear ICs.

1725: Manual Only

1747: Answer Guide

1720: Intermediate Fiber Optic Training Kit

Includes infrared transmitter and detector, connector-mounting brackets. 1 meter cable, data sheets with transmitter/receiver schematics. For student or experimenter who can layout and build circuits without step-by-step instructions.

1731: Fiber Optic Voice Link Kit

Introduction to the science of light transmission in optical fiber. Hear your voice after conversion to light and transmission through fiber. No special tools or prior experience to light and transmission through fiber. No special tools or prior experience necessary. Use for science projects, classroom demonstrations or short curriculum. Work with analog transmitter/receiver and fiber optic cable interfaces. Contains all necessary parts including PCBs, electronics, 10' cable and step-by-step tutorial guide. Link can be up to 200 feet. Requires two 9V batteries.

1732: Voice Link - Assembled

1721: Fiber Optic Minicourse

A basic course consisting of a 42-page manual, fiber optic and electronic components. Covers communication and industrial aspects of fiber optic technology through theory and experiments. Easily integrated into any industrial arts, voc ed or electronics class. Minimum amount of math is used. Focuses on understanding the technology and practical applications. Approx. class time: 8-10 one-hour classes, plus 2 two-hour labs. Covers history, communication, cable, transmitters, receivers, interconnects, systems, tools, and test equipment. Parts include fiber optic emitter and detector, 1 meter cable, 2 PCBs, 2 ICs, mounting hardware, polishing paper and more.

1724: Manual Only

1722: Introductory Fiber Optics Training Kit

Contains emitter and detector, connectors, 1 meter cable, PCBs, all parts for transmitter and receiver circuits. The 20-page manual includes assembly, exercises, design info and application hints. Ideal for hobbyist, experiment and student.


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