Electronic Projects (Model 800 Series)


Size: 4.75" x 2.90" x 1.75"

803: Variable Power Supply


Overload protected

0-15Vc output


24-page student manual

AC operated

A comprehensive beginner's power supply kit, the Model 803 features Zener diode regulation, full-wave rectification and transistorized voltage control. Output voltage is continuously variable from 0 to 15 Vdc at 300mA and is ideal for powering low voltage devices. Voltage regulators, ripple calculations, bias and more is covered in the manual.

Size: 10.4" x 7.8" x 3.2"

808: Triple Power Supply Breadboard

+5 Vdc, 1 amp

0 to +15 Vdc, 300 mA

0 to -15 Vdc, 300 mA

19 test points

Overcurrent protection

Academic-level 64-page instruction manual

Rectification and power supplies receive a thorough treatment in the academic-level manual included with each kit. Utilizing 19 PCB test points, hands-on educational experiments at each assembly stage include:


Half-wave rectifiers

Full-wave center-tap rectifiers

Full-wave bridge rectifiers

Center-tapped full-wave bridge rectifiers

Capacitive filters

Unregulated power supplies

Variable & fixed voltage regulators

Overcurrent protection

Three regulated power supplies, a 2,420 tie point breadboard and an educational instruction manual make the 808 ideal for the classroom. The 2-color manual, with its well-illustrated step-by-step instructions, offers the student two paths: 1) Educational and 2) Assemble and Test. On the Educational Path, experiments are performed at each stage of assembly.

With a rugged metal case, three 3-terminal IC regulators, heatsinks, ON/OFF switch with indicator light and other quality components, building and testing circuits is a snap. The breadboard accommodates 27 14-pin ICs.

Conservatively-rated to simultaneously provide 1 amp at 5V, 300mA at +15V and 300mA at -15V, all 3 supplies have solid-state current limiting protection and excellent voltage regulation. Both variable supplies are externally adjustable, and the input is fused.



809: Micro-Processor Trainer

Students learn the essential concepts of computer operation by building and programming a micro-computer. The 25-lesson course leads the student through hardware and software experiments, teaching circuit design, troubleshooting techniques, programming, binary, hexadecimal and mnemonic operation, and other topics.

Designed to teach micro-processors at the secondary and post-secondary levels, the 8085 based Trainer uses CMOS and TTL integrated circuits. Instructor-controlled fault insertion and easy-to-augment lessons make the Trainer a powerful teaching tool. Can be used as a stand-alone Introduction To Micro-Processors course, in conjunction with existing curriculum, or in a self-study program

PORTABLE--Easy for the student to take home. A 9 x 10.5" PCB and two comprehensive Manuals are contained in a durable 3-ring binder. An on-board lithium battery retains student-entered programs in the 2kb RAM.

EASY TO USE--The easy-to-understand, 153-page Lab Manual delivers maximum student involvement with minimum instructor supervision. A removable "Responses To Lab Experiments" section provides flexibility for the instructor. Convenient test equipment connections are provided by 54 test points. A plug-in wall transformer ensures safety.

COMPREHENSIVE--The 809 is ideal for teaching hardware and software aspects of computers in repair or design courses. Connect to a terminal for assembly language programming using ROM resident debug program. The 48-page Technical Manual contains a broad array of reference information.

POWERFUL--Hardware includes: 8085 micro-processor, 8kb EPROM, 8255 24-bit I/O controller,RS232 I/O interface, two 0.5" 7-segment displays for Data, 17 LEDs for address, CPU registers & Halt, and a piezo transducer. Software capability includes: single-step, run and break-point program execution modes.

EXPANDABLE--An edge connector provides for memory expansion to 64k, interface with switches, motors, relays, etc., addition of a co-processor, access to all data, address and control lines, and 5Vdc @ 300mA. Use Model 810 Solderless Breadboard for expansion and experiments. Use Model 811A Interface to program Graymark 603A Robot.

RELIABLE--Sockets are supplied for all ICs, and a sealed keypad provides trouble-free operation.

PRACTICAL--After performing the educational exercises, the 809 can be used in many practical applications including security systems, lighting controllers, etc.

Model Description
Micro-Processor Trainer Kit, 110Vac
Micro-Processor Trainer Assembled, 110Vac
Breadboard for Micro-Processor Trainer
Interface Kit for 603A Robot/809 Trainer
Micro-Processor Trainer Kit, 220Vac
Micro-Processor Trainer Assembled, 220Vac

810: AM/FM Portable Radio

Plugs onto 809 edge connector, 1,490 tie points for interfacing to real world, circuit design and testing and memory expansion. 44 test sockets provide easy, reliable connections to the 809 address, data, control and power lines. All parts and instructions included.

SPANISH MODELS--To order a Trainer with Spanish Manuals, and "SP" to the Model No.


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