Cable Installation Tools & Testers

2200-00: Cable Installation Tool Set

A complete tool set for video/data/voice installations. Includes: cable cutter, cable jacket ripper, cable slitter, electrician's scissors, measuring tape, modular cutter/stripper/crimper tool, Phillips screwdriver, punch down impact tool with 66 and 110 blades, RG-6/RG-58/RG-59 crimping tool, RG-6/RG-58/RG-59 coax stripper, safety goggles, slip joint pliers, slot head screwdriver, tool bag, wire probe, and wire stripper.


64769: Cable Tracer Set

The identification and tracing of wiring is made easy with the use of the cable tracer set which includes a tone generator and amplifier probe. Allows work to be performed without damage to insulated conductors. Tone generator also has a continuity test function. Probe can be used with any tone generator.

64557: Modular Cutter/Stripper/Crimper

This versatile tool combines all the necessary tools to cut, strip and crimp modular telephone wires and plugs. Will cut and strip (flat) cable up to 8 conductors. Crimps most 4-position, 6-position, and 8-position plugs with no die change, with ratcheting action.

64816: Coax Crimper

This full-cycle ratcheted tool offers professional quality crimping. Features include ratcheting action, all-steel body, and precision dies for crimping in one single, smooth action. Crimps RG-6, RG-68, and RG-59 connectors.

64764: Electrician's Scissors

High quality stainless steel electrician's scissors with serrated edge and wire stripping notches.

65482: Coax Stripper

Rotary coax cable stripper, no replacement cassettes needed.

64777: Network Cable Identifier Tester

An easy to use and effective cable tester which can test for all the wiring faults of 10Base2 (coax), 10BaseT, 100Base-Tx, 356A, TIA-568A, TI-568B and token ring cables. It can identify not only the wiring faults, such as open, shorted, reversed, crossed and split pairs, but can also identify up to 4 different cables using remote terminators.

65388: Impact Punch Down Tool Set

Terminate cables on 66 & 110 blocks effortlessly. Includes 66 and 110 blades, each with cut and non-cut ends.
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