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Build and Test Circuits Conveniently and Economically

Use these Solderless Breadboards to construct electronic circuits. They accept solid 22-30 gauge wire and most electronic components including integrated circuits and transistors. Contacts are a silver/nickel alloy, while the ABS body is rated at 90 deg. C. Two types are available -- Standard and Advanced. Standard have 5 tie points per row while Advanced have 6 tie points per row.


Choose from 4 models with sturdy bases and rugged, colorful binding posts. Each has a back panel for mounting potentiometers, switches, power transistors, buzzers, etc. BB7 Breadboard and BB8 Bus Strip snap together allowing you to design your own breadboard and alter the arrangement as your needs change.

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  • BB4
Model Tie Points 14-Pin IC Capacity Binding Post Back Panel Dimensions
LxWxH (mm)
BB1    840   9 3 YES 195x122x22
BB2 1,580 18 3 YES 193x172x22
BB3 2,420 27 4 YES 192x254x22
BB4 3,260 36 4 YES 247x273x22
BB7    740   9 -- --   172x52x10
BB8    100 -- -- --   172x13x10
Breadboards make building and testing electronic circuits easy and enjoyable. Graymark's Solderless Breadboards, Jumper Wires and Test Clips are a great way to begin expanding your electronic equipment. Our winning combination - low cost and quality - make them perfect for use in the classroom or at home.

Advanced Breadboards

Six tie points per row make this style the best choice for computer and other circuits using MSI and LSI ICs. Snap different models together to design your own breadboard. Each modular section has 6 buses; 2 have 24 tie points each and 4 have 12 tie points each.

Model Tie Points Binding Post Dimensions
LxWxH (mm)
BB10 456        0 81x61x9     
BB11 958        5 83x147x19     
BB12 1906        5 184x168x24     




Use these Jumpers to make connections on your breadboards. JK1 is a colorful, 350-piece assortment of 22-gauge solid wire jumpers. The cut and formed jumpers range from 0.1" to 5.0" in 14 different lengths in a storage case. The Flexible Jumpers are ideal for breadboard use. The wire is flexible, but the ends are solid, making breadboarding quick and easy. The JK5 Flexible Jumpers are black, red, green, and yellow, and have a spade lug on one end to connect to binding posts or other large connectors.

Model # of Jumpers Length Color Type
JK1 350 0.1" - 5" Assorted Solid
JK2   10 50mm Brown Flexible
JK3   10 100mm Orange Flexible
JK4   10 150mm Violet Flexible
JK5   10 200m Black Flexible
JK6    4 100mm Assorted Flexible, with Lug


Leads are 20" long, 22 gauge, flexible, insulated wire

Model Description
CL1 Set of 10 Color Coded Clip Leads
61793 Single Clip Lead


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