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Heat Sinks

Part #: HS-3

TO-3 style devices
Space saving design
Black anodized aluminum

Part #: HS-3M

Mounting Kit

TO-3 heat sink insulator assembly

Part #: HS-220
Lightweight heat sink

for TO-220 semi-conductor

HS-220M Mounting Kit

Part #: TO-220

Heat sink insulator assembly

8Ω Speaker


Power rating

Resonance frequency

Sound pres level

Effective frequency range

Total flux

Flux density

8Ω, 0.2-0.5W, 320-450Hz, 90dB/W

9000 Maxwell

6000 gauss

Part #: SPKR8

Battery Holder

Battery Holder for 9V Cell

Part #: BH9

Safety Goggles

Part #: ST-20

Safety Spectacles

Part #: ST-22

Ties (8")

Self-Locking Nylon Cable Tie Wraps: Bag/100


Part #: CT-8

9V Battery Clip

Vinyl covered head with red and black coded leads

Part #: BC9

DC Motors

12V DC permanent magnet motor

Operating Range 5-15V

Part #: DC12VPM


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