Deluxe Digital/Analog Trainer

Model: XK-700

Available with Tools and Equipment of Your Choice! Call or Fax for Quote (see bottom of page).

Deluxe Complete Mini-Lab for Building, Testing, and Prototyping Analog and Digital Circuits

Elenco's advanced designed Digital/Analog Trainer is specially designed for school projects. It is built on a single PC board for maximum reliability. It includes 5 built-in power supplies, a function generator with continuously variable sine, triangular, and square wave forms. All power supplies are regulated and protected against shorts. The trainer is mounted in a professional technician tool case made of reinforced metal with heavy-duty handles and locks. The removable, dual-sided tool pallet has many pockets and elastic retainers to hold a broad line of tools and devices. A special ramp in the case will hold the meter of your choice. Five adjustable dividers are provided if you desire to turn the case into a technician service case.


Tool in Case: Model XK-700T (left) is a stock trainer with tools and includes tools listed below (meter, logic probe, and calculator are sold separately).

ET-10 - IC Puller

SE-1 - Soldering Iron Holder

SP-2 - Desoldering Pump

SR-2B - Deluxe Soldering Iron

ST-1 - Mini-Diagonal Cutters

ST-2 - Mini Long Nose Pliers

ST-4 - Solder Tube

ST-20 - Safety Goggles

ST-30 - Premium Wire Stripper

ST-75 - 11 pc. Screwdriver Bit Set

SW-3 - Desoldering Wick

TL-8 - Precision Screwdriver Set


Dimensions: 13" (H) x 18" (W) x 6-1/2" (D)

Model XK-700 Trainer: Available fully assembled without tools

Model XK-700T Trainer: Available with tools as shown. Meter, calculator, and logic probe sold separately.

Model XK-700K Trainer: Available as kit without tools

Model XK-700TK: Available as a kit with tool as shown. Meter, calculator, and logic proble sold separately.

Specification for XK-550 and XK-700 Trainers

Power Supplies Analog Section Digital Section Fast Track Construction

Variable Power Supply

+1.25V to 20Vdc @ 0.5A
+1.25V to 15Vdc @ 1A)

-1.25V to -20Vdc @ 0.5A
(-1.25V to -15Vdc @ 1A)

+12Vdc @ 1A

=12Vdc @ 1A

+5 Vdc @ 1A

+30Vac center-tapped to 15Vac @ 1A

Function Generator - Sine, Triangular, Square Wave

Frequency adjustable in five ranges from 1 to 100kHz

Fine frequency adjust

Amplitude adjust

DC offset

Analog Section

2 undedicated potentiometers 1kohm and 100kohm

Eight data switches

Two no bounce logic switches

Eight LED readouts, buffered

Clock frequency 1 to 100kHz

Clock amplitude 5Vpp square wave

Analog Section

2 breadboards, each containing 830 tie points (total 1,660)

Most of the components are on one PC board, eliminating all wires between the PC board, pots, regulators, and switches. Makes assembly easier and faster, eliminates errors

The XK-550-SMI and XK-700-SEMI kits require a minimum of construction and are fast and easy to assembly. The PC board that is shown above comes fully assembled and tested. Where lab time is limited, the SEMI kit is time and cost effective.

Digital/Analog Trainer

Model: XK-550

Same trainer as XK-700, except in our molded organizer case. The tools shown with the trainer are the most commonly used in the educational field or you can make your own selection of tools and meter to go with the trainer.

Model XK-550T is a stock trainer with tools listed below (meter shown is sold separately).

ET-10: IC Puller

JW-140: Jumper Wire Kit

SP-2: Desoldering Pump

ST-1: Mini Diagonal Cutters

ST-2: Mini Long Nose Pliers

ST-3: Wire Stripper

ST-5: Screwdriver Slotted 3/16"

ST-6: Screwdriver #1 Phillips

Anti-Static Foam Pad

When ordering a meter to be used with the XK-550 Trainer, specify a PCV-50 kit which will provide you with velcro to hold the meter in palce and an anti-static foam pad that fits below the meter for storage of ICs. This is supplied FREE with meter order.

When ordering tools, specify a TM-30 tool mounting kit. When four or more tools are ordered, the tool mounting kit is supplied FREE!


Dimensions: 12-1/4" (H) x 16-3/8" (W) x 5-1/4" (D)

We can supply the XK-550 Trainer complete with any combination of tools or any of the meters shown in our catalog. Call or write for more information (see below).

Model XK-550 Trainer: Available fully assembled without tools

Model XK-550T Trainer: Available with tools as shown; meter sold separately

Model XK-550-SEMI Trainer: Trainer kit with PC board fully assembled

Model XK-550T-SEMI Trainer: Kit with PC board fully assembled; available with tools as shown. Meter sold separately

Model XK-550K Trainer: Available as kit without tools

Model XK-550TK: Available as a kit with tools as shown. Meter sold separately.


Digital Trainer

Model: XK-150

A low cost, full-function digital/analog trainer that meets the needs of electronic training programs. Rugged construction, can be used as fixed lab equipment or be portable. An economical zipper case is available.

Model XK-150 Digital Trainer - Available fully assembled

Model XK-150K Digital Trainer - Available as a kit


Dimensions: 13" (H) x 11-3/4" (W) x 3" (D)

Optional Accessory: C-150 large zipper case (pictured below) with handles to easily carry the XK-150 Dgitial/Analog Trainer.


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