Linesman Pliers

Model: ST-70

Drop forged, fully polished, cushion grip. 8" long

Round Nose Pliers

Model: ST-102

Drop forged, fully polished, cushion grip. 5" long

Locking Pliers

Model: ST-200

Drop forged, fully polished, cushion grip. 6" long

Locking Pliers

Model: ST-95

Drop forged, fully polished, cushion grip. 8" long

AC Voltage Detector Probe

Model: ST-73

Detect AC voltages 120/240Vac without contact. Visual and audible indicators. Excellent for voltage tracing circuits.

AC Line Splitter

Model: ST-74

For measuring current in plug-in appliances and air conditioners. Splits two conductor line cord for reading at outlets under load. Permits voltage measurements at outlet under active conditions. Direct and 10X sensitivity.

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Deluxe Punch Down Tool, Impact Type

Model: ST-630

Adjustable pressure control. Suitable for 66 and 110 or KRONE terminal blocks. Includes (1) type 66 blade. Storage for 1 spare blade in handle.

Replacement Blades: Type 66 (ST-601), Type 110 (ST-602), KRONE Type (ST-603)

Punch Down Tool

Model: ST-620

Non-impact tool with a 66 blade. Spare blade storage in handle included.

Replacement Blades: Type 66 (ST-601), Type 110 (ST-602), KRONE Type (ST-603)

Multi-Function Wire Stripper

Model: ST-302

Cuts, strips RG-58, RG-59, and RG-62. Precision strips 16 to 26 gauge wire

Coaxial Cable Stripper

Model: ST-35

Three-step coaxial cable stripper. Strips RG/U 6, 58, 59, 62 and 3C2V, 5C2V. Replacement Blade Cartridge P/N ST-331.

Round Cable Cutter

Model: ST-211

The 100 pair group cutter is rated for ethernet, 100 pair group telephone cable, and RG-174/RG-9 coax. Spring return with safety lock.

Round Cable Cutter

Model: ST-205

Cuts multi-conductor cable up to 1/2" and solid or stranded wire up to 8 AWG. Spring return with safety lock.

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Ceramic Kevlar® Cutter

Model: ST-340

Easily trim the Kevlar strength member in fiber optic cable. Ceramic blade for long life.

Crimping and Cutting Pliers

Model: ST-208

For communication electronics. Designed to seat UG, UR, and UY

Hex-Type Crimping Tool

Model: ST-60

For use on RG-58 and RG-59 connectors. Cushion grip. 9" long

Snap & Seal Connector Crimping Tool

Model: ST-54

For use on SNS-59/59QS/59HEC, SNS-6/6Q6, and Snap-n-Seal security shield F connectors. Cushion grip. 8" long.

Multi-Purpose Wire Stripper

Model: ST-230

Self-adjusting wire stripper. Cuts or strips 12 to 20 gauge wire. Hardened steel blades for long life. Easy grip 7-1/2" long

Crimping Tool/Wire Stripper

Model: ST-24

Cuts, strips, and crimps 10-22 gauge wire. Cushion grip. 8" long

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PLCC Extractor

Model: ST-96

A spring-assisted extractdion tool designed for the removal of PLCC's from sockets.

Electricians Scissors

Model: ST-68

Hot forged - scraper and file on back edge of blade. Double stripping botch. 5" long

Cabling Splicing Knife

Model: ST-69

Stainless steel blade for durability. Easy-to-grip handle

Ergonomic Crimp Tool

Model: ST-900

Ratchet crimp action provides repeatable and reliable terminations. Pressure adjustment for activation force. Dies change quickly - 10 dies available (sold separately). Cushion grip. Length 9"

Precision Instrument Set

Model: CAD-100

CAD-100 is a precision measurement instrument set for technicians and schools requiring precision measurements in the fulfillment of their educational programs: CAD (Computer Aided Design), drafting, machine design, etc. This quality set design is durable and accurate for long life.



Dial Caliper: 6"/0.001

Outside Micrometer: 0-1"/0.0001

Rule: 6"/4R

Case: plastic fitted case included

All three items in CAD-100 can be purchased separately
and are listed below with detailed specifications.

6" Dial Caliper

Model: CAD-50



4-way measurements: outside, inside, depth, step

Body/main beam: stainless steel with satin chrome finish, microfine engraved graduations

Measuring faces; hardened, precision ground and microlapped for ultimate accuracy during measuring process; depth outside jaws: 1.57"

Dial: white face with distinctive, large numerals, easy-to-read graduations in black; fully adjustable for zero or intermediate settings with thumb screw to lock the precise settings.



Range: 0-6", 0.100"/Rev.

Graduation: 0.001"

0-1" Outside Micrometer

Model: CAD-75



Range: 0-1"

Graduation: 0.0001"



Frame: blue painted steel, fully insulated to isolate heat from the operator's hands.

Spindle: hardened, precision ground

Measuring faces:carbide tipped for long life.

Thimble: Ratchet thimble with satin chrome assures consistent measuring at all times, vernier scale with microfine graduations in 0.0001"

Lock: spindle lock secures the spindle at the desired reading

Wrench: included, permits quick and easy zero

Case: fitted plastic case included

Rule 6"/4R

Model: CAD-85



Range: 6"/4R graduations with 8th's, 16th's, 32nd's, and 64th's

Flexible, fully hardened steel with satin chrome finish


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