Specialty Testers

1% 1 Watt Resistor Substitution Box

Model: RS-500

Any value 1% resistors from 1ohm to 11.111Mohm increments (1 watt resistors).

Diode/Transistor Tester

Model: DT-100

Checks transistors and diodes in circuit. Identifies NPN or PNP transistors. Checks small or large power types. Available in kit DT-100K

Resistor Substitution Box

Model: RS-400

Contains 24 standard value resistors from 10ohm to 1Mohm. Available in Kit K-37

Capacitor Substitution Box

Model: CS-440

Contains 24 different value capacitors from 100pF to .1µF. Available in Kit K-38

Telephone Line Analyzer

Model: TT-400

A telephone line analyzer that provides fast indication of telephone line polarity, ring and line voltage levels. Also indicates condition of phone line from user's telephone to central telephone office and can check basic telephone functions and condition of telephone line cord. Available in Kit Model TT-400K

RS-232 Check Tester Model: CT-100

Similar to the mini tester, except this tester gives a better understanding of the status of the data lines. Performs the same tests as MT-100, but in a more detailed manner.

RS-232 Mini Tester

Model: MT-100

Used to monitor the 7 most commonly used data lines to see if equipment has failed. Seven 2-color LEDs check status of TD, RD, RTS, CTS, DSR, CD and CTR.

Multi-link Tester & Breakout Box

Model: BB-25

Allows cable makers to configure custom cables. The BB-25 will visually let you know the status of lines 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 20, and 22 on the DTE side by utilizing red/green bi-color LEDs. Provides signal status at a glance (four states: mark, space, clocking, and off). Complete cable "breakout" and reconfiguration exists with 24 in-line switches and 54 in-line machine tool sockets. Includes handy carrying case, 10 jumper wires and a device wiring chart. Cable extends 4" from side of tester. Connectors: 1 male DB 25 and 1 female DB 25.

Circuit Tester

Model: ST-37

AC/DC 80-500 Volts. Bright neon indicator, pocket clip, insulated case


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