Soldering Equipment


Desoldering System with Digital Display

Model: SL-928*

Top of the line desoldering system will handle virtually all electronic repair and rework. Temperature controlled from 410 deg. F to 900 deg. F (210 deg. C to 480 deg. C) gun type handle. The SL-928 is based on the principle of vacuum absorption of the solder from the PC board.

*60-90 day leadtime

SL-928DT: Replacement Desoldering Tip

Repair System Soldering & Desoldering

Model: SL-916*

Top of the line repair system will handle desoldering. Temperature controlled soldering from 300 deg. F to 790 deg. F (150 deg. C to 420 deg. C), desoldering temperature range 410 deg. F to 900 deg. F (210 deg. C to 480 deg. C). The system is based on principle of vacuum absorption of the solder from the PC board.

*60-90 day leadtime

SL-916DT: Replacement Desoldering Tip
SL-916ST: Replacement Soldering Iron Tip

Hot Air SMD Rework Station

Model: SR-979*

The workstation is engineered to meet the needs of today's electronic industry. Wide range of adjustments of air volume and temperature 212 deg. F to 754 deg. F) permits soldering of most surface mount devices.

*60-90 day leadtime

Comes with an A1138 nozzle QFP 28 x 28mm (1-7/64" x 1-7/64)

Optional Hot Air Nozzles Available
A1124: Single 2.5 mm
A1125: QFP 10 x 10m
A1126: QFP 14 x 14mm
A1127: QFP 17.5 x 17.5mm
A1128: QFP 14 x 20mm
A1129: QFP 28 x 28mm
A1130: Single 4.4mm
A1131: SOP 4.4 x 10mm
A1132: SOP 5.6 x 13mm
A1133: SOP 17.5 x 15mm
A1134: SOP 7.5 x 18mm
A1135: PLCC 17.5 x 17.5 mm
44 pins
A1136: QFP 10 x 10mm,
52 pins
A1137: QFP 14 x 14mm
68 pins
A1138: QFP 17.5 x 17.5 mm
84 pins

SL-928DT: Replacement Desoldering Tip

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Deluxe Temperature Controlled Soldering Stations

Model: SL-30 Digital Display


This hi-tech soldering station incorporates a sophisticated electronic circuit which enables the user to change the tip termperature from 300 deg. F (150 deg. C) to 900 deg. F (480 deg. C). The temperature is maintained within +/- 10 deg. F of its preset temperature. The tip is isolated from the AC line by a 24V transformer. The tip is grounded to eliminate static charges.
Replacement Tips:


LED Readout for greater accuracy (SL-30) onlyi). Temperature range 300 deg. F to 900 deg. F

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