Logic Probes


Logic Probe

Model: LP-550

Audio and visual features: tests all logic families TTL/LS and CMOS/MOS digital circuits, color coded LEDs indicate high, low or pulsed logic states. The high-speed logic probe is capable of capturing pulses of 25nsec. Simultaneous tone output (high, low or both) maximum input frequency of 25MHz.

Logic Probe (kit)

Model: LP-535K

Advanced design with audible sound for signal detection in logic circuits. It displays logic levels (high or low) pulses and voltage transients down to 10 nanoseconds. High intensity LED readouts provide instant response to the logic state. Simplified circuitry for fast construction. Detailed instructions, illustrations and testing included.

Logic Pulser (kit)

Model: LP-425K

The Logic Pulser Kit is a desirable device in the troubleshooting of logic circuits and compliments the logic probe in pulse tracing signals in complex circuits. It injects a signal directly into a circuit without having to disconnect componetns. It is circuit powered and has a switchable output of .5 or 400Hz at 100mA. Designed for easy construction.

Logic Probe (kit)

Model: LP-525K

Digital Logic Probe in kit form provides convenient and precise use in measurement of logic circuits. It displays logic levels (high or low), pulses and voltage transients down to 30 nanoseconds and a maximum input of 20MHz. Large PC board and detailed manual for fast construction.

Logic Probe

Model: LP-700

The LP-700 Logic Probe is a high-speed digital troubleshooting tool capable of capturing pulses as narrow as 20nsec. Four LED indicators determine the signal condition. Special memory circuits capture pulses fast oscilloscopes may miss.


Select TTL-CMOS or Pulse--Pulse memory mode

Captures any transient pulse

Discriminates between DTL-TTL or CMOS states


Frequency Response: 500MHz

Detectable Pulse Width: 20ns

Logic Threshold:
  TTL: HI 2.3V, Lo 0.8V
  CMOS: Hi 70% Vcc, Lo 30% Vcc

Memory: Latches on first transition

Input Impedance: 120kohm

Operating Supply Voltage:

Max Supply Voltage:

Max Input Protection:
  +/-50Vdc @ 10s
  +/-240 Vac @ 1s

Power Supply Protection:
  +/-25V @ 10s

Logic Probe and Pulser Combo

Model: LP-900/625

A unique two-in-one logic probe and pulser that simplifies troubleshooting and analyzing digital circuits.

Specifications - Logic Probe Specifications - Logic Pulser

Frequency Response:   50MHz

Detectable Pulse Width:   10ns

Logic Threshold:
  TTL Hi 2.3V, Lo 0.75V
  CMOS Hi 60% Vcc, Lo 15%     Vcc
7-18Vcc, Lo 40% Vcc

Input Impedance: 120kohm

Operating Supply Voltage:

Max. Input Protection:
  +/- 70Vac/dc @ 15s

Power Supply Protection:

Pulse Repetition Rate: 0.5/500Hz

Pulse Width: 10µs

Output Current:
Pulser Mode @ 0.5Hz:
   100mA sink/source
Square Wave Mode @ 500Hz:
5mA sink/source

Sync Input Impedance: 1Mohm

Operating Supply Voltage: 5-15V

Max. Sync Input Protection:
  +/- 120Vdc @ 30s

Output Protection:
  +/- 35Vdc @ 30s

Power Supply Protection:
  +/- 20Vdc @ 30s


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