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AC/DC Variable Power Supply

Model: XP-625

The XP-625 is an ideal power supply for your school lab. It has a DC output from 0-30 volts at up to 5A, and an AC output of 0-40V at up to 5A. The voltage adjust knob controls all three outputs while the volt and amp meters display the desired setting.

Input Voltage 120Vac
Output voltage DC 0-30Vdc, 5A max.
Output voltage AC 0-40Vac, 5A max.
Output voltage 0-110Vac, 2.5A max.
Dimensions/weight 5-3/8" (H) x 7-3/4" (W) x 12" (D) / 14 lbs. 14 oz.

Isolated Variable AC Power Supply

Model: XP-810

The Elenco variable voltage supplies all feature fail-safe automatic overload protection with output current externally adjustable. Special circuit protects equipment, user and itself. Current limiting adjustment is easy. Simply short output and adjust limit control to read desired maximum current. The output voltage is continuously variable and precisely held to your setting. Ideal for use in labs, service shops, schools, home and industry.



Variable Isolated Output (0-140Vac)

Power line leakage test

Circuit breaker

Overload protection

Built-in soldering iron temperature control

2-Meter range of 2A and 4A for accurate readings

Built-in 4" meter

Heavy-duty carrying handle (optional)

Input Voltage 105 to 130 Vac
Output Voltage Range 0-140Vac at 120Vac input
Output Current 3A continuously or 4A intermittently. Intermittent current should not exceed 10 minutes on followed by 10 minutes off
0-2A, 0-4A
0-240A, 0-480VA
0 to 5mA (5,000µA, expandable scale)


+/-3% of full scale (calibrated @ 120Vac)
+/-5% of full scale
+/-5% @ 500µA
Soldering Iron Temperature control: 60% to 99% of AC power line, 100 watts max.
Operating Temperature: 0 deg. C to +40 deg. C
Storage Temperature: 0 deg. C to +60 deg. C
Dimensions: 5-1/2" (H) x 11-1/2" (W) x 7-3/4" (D)
Weight: 20 lbs. (5.44 kg.)

High Current Variable Power Supply

Model: XP-800

The XP-800 is a high current power supply with 3 variable outputs. Choose from either 0-120Vac @ 2A, 0-40Vac @ 7A or 0-18Vdc @ up to 10A. The precision LED displays allow for exact readout of volts and current. The XP-800 is ideal for Principles of Technology experiments in schools or it can be used as a bench power supply.


3 variable outputs

Precision LED readouts

Circuit breaker protection

Ideal for schools or OEM's

Principles of Technology

Input Voltage
Current Protection

5A fuse
28Vdc Supply
Output Current
Output Voltage

Current Protection

10A max.
28Vdc max. for light loads
20Vdc max. for 10A load
Less than 0.2Vrms at 10A load
10A Circuit Breaker
0 to 28Vdc, 0.1V resolution
0 to 10A, 0.1A resolution
40Vac Supply
Output Current
Output Voltage

Current Protection

7A max.
40Vac max. for light loads
38Vac max. for 5A load
Less than 0.2Vrms at 10A load
3A Circuit Breaker
(on transponder primary)
0 to 40Vac, 0.1V resolution
0 to 7A, 0.1A resolution
120 Vac Supply
Output Current
Output Voltage
Current Protection

2A max.
120Vac max.
3A Circuit Breaker
0 to 120Vac, 1V resolution
0 to 2A, 0.1A resolution
Dimensions 5-1/4" (H) x 12-3/4" (W) x 10" (D)
Weight 20 lbs. (5.44 kg.)
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4 Fully Regulated Power Supplies in One Unit

Model: XP-581

The XP-581 is our most popular power supply. It is ideally suited for laboratories, classrooms, and hobbyist use. It features 3 fixed DC voltages: +5V @ 3A, +12V @ 1A, -12V @ 1A and variable DC voltage: 2.5V - 20V @ 2A. Housed in a rugged steel case, it is the perfect combination of versatility and high value.



4 DC voltages:

3 Fixed:

  • +5V @ 3A
  • +12V @ 1A
  • -12V @ 1A

1 Variable: 2.5 - 20V @2A

Fully regulated and short protected

Voltage and current meters

All metal case

Ideal for laboratory, service shops and hobbyists

Low cost and high value

Input Voltage: 20Vac  60Hz
Current Protection: 2A Fuse
Output Voltage Fixed
Fixed +12V Fixed
Load Regulation .1V .1V .1V .1V
Line Regulation .1V .1V .1V .1V
Ripple rms .01V .01V .01V .01V
Current Protection Foldback Thermal Thermal Foldback
Dimensions: 3-5/8" (H) x 10-1/4" (W) x 10-1/8" (D)
Weight: 7 lbs. 11.2 oz.

Deluxe Battery Eliminator

Model: XP-100

Spectrum Tube Power Supply

Model: STPS-1

This power supply is an ideal bench top battery eliminator. Substitutes a wide variety of batteries including AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V types. The voltage is conveniently selected by a rotary switch. Advanced, solid-state electronics provide both LINE and LOAD regulation of the output voltage. The voltage selector switch is precision-designed so that the output voltage does not increase during adjustment between voltage ranges.

Input Voltage 120Vac
Output Voltage 1.5, 2.2, 3, 4.5, 5, 6, 7.2, 9, 10, 15, 21, 21.25Vdc
Output Current 1A max.
Accuracy +/-2%
Dimensions: 3-3/4" (H) x 8-1/4" (S) x 7" (D)
Weight: 6 lbs.

This power supply provides safe and reliable operation for 10 spectrum tubes. The unique design supplies a voltage that prolongs the life of the spectrum tubes. Specially designed sockets eliminate electrical shock hazards. The unit operates at 120V @ 60Hz. (Tube not included).

Input Voltage 120Vac, 60Hz
Output Voltage 5,000V without spectrum tube.; 1,000V @ 10mA with spectrum tube
Operating Temp. 10 deg. C to 50 deg. C
Storage Temp. -20 deg. C to 60 deg. C
Dimensions: 13-3/4" (H) x 4-5/8" (W) x 3-1/2" (D)
Weight: 4 lbs. 12.8 oz.

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