Non-Soldering Kits

Deluxe Telephone Kit

Model: AK-750



Fully modular

Last number redial

Desk/wall mount

Tone/pulse switchable

Neon lights flash when phone rings

Ringer with ON/OFF switch

Hearing aid compatible

Full color assembly manual

Lighted dial keypad

Transparent blue case

FCC approved

Talking Clock Kit

Model: AK-220

These easy-to-build kit will teach you how electronic voices are made. No soldering is required and our full color assembly manual takes you step by step in putting it together. Features hourly reports and rooster crow for alarm. Requires 2 "AA" batteries (BAT-AA).

Radio Controlled Car Kit
with Training Course

Model: AK-870

The purpose of this project is to expand your understanding of basic transmitters, receivers, and electornic switching theories. Your Turbo King Car comes with the PC board already built. There is no solderng required! You'll learn all about gears, motors, printed circuit boards, and integrated circuits from oiur detailed assembly and training manual. You will construct each section, explore the circuitry, and troubleshoot it. Requires 4 "AA" batteries (BAT AA) and 1 9V battery (BAT-9V).

Cola Clock Kit

Model: FUN-285


Cola not only quenches your thirst, but can power a clock too! Build this kit and amaze your family and friends with this cola-powered clock. Learn how batteries work when you use cola to make a chemical reaction that powers a clock. Completely safe and doesn't require batteries! Parts are easily identified and assembled with full color manual. No batteries required!

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