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RF & Audio Generators

Models SG-9500 and SG-9000 are stable high frequency generators capable of AM modulation. They are primarily designed for work on AM and FM radio receivers, but can abe used in any project requiring a modulated RF signal.

Models SG-9200 and SG-9300 are low cost audio generators featuring very low distortion sine wave and a rapid-rise square wave. All models have vernier frequency control for easy tuning and switchable high-low output levels.

Models SG-9300 and SG-9500 have built-in frequency counters which is switchable to measure external frequencies up to 150MHz.

Wide Band RF Signal

Model: SG-9000 RF Generator

Model: SG-9500 RF Generator w/Counter


Audio Generators

Model: SG-9200 Audio Generator

Model: SG-9300 Audio Generator w/Counter


Features SG-9000/SG-9500:

RF frequencies continuously variable 100kHz to 450MHz in six ranges

Output RF voltage variable and has 20dB attenuator switch

Internal AM modulation of 1kHz

Audio 1kHz signal available at output

External crystal locks oscillator to your frequency between 1-15MHz

455kHz, 4.5MHz and 10.7MHz specially noted for easy setting

Specifications: SG-9000/SG-9500
Frequency on 6 ranges 1000kHz to 150MHz (450MHz on harmonics):
Band A 100kHz - 300kHz
Band B 300kHz - 1000kHz
Band C 1MHz - 3.2MHz
Band D 3MHz - 10MHz
Band E 10MHz - 35MHz
Band F 32MHz - 150MHz
Harmonics 96MHz - 450MHz
Frequency Accuracy: (SG-9000): +/-3% Dial accuracy
(SG-9500): +/-1 count, +/-Reference time accuracy
RF Output Approximate: 100mV to 35MHz
Crystal Output: 1-15MHz uses HC 6/U holder (not included)
Output Attenuator: Hi-Lo Sw with fine adjuster
Modulation Internal: 1kHz (AM) 30% approximate
Modulation External 50Hz to 20kHz at less than 1Vrms input
Audio Output 1kHz at 2Vrms
Power: 120V/220V, 50/60Hz
Size: 6" H x 10" W x 5-1/4" D
Weight: 5 lbs. 8 oz.
Accessories: Detachable line cord, BNC to insulated clip output cable, instruction manual

Specifications: SG-9200 / SG-9300
Sine Wave
Frequency Range 10Hz - 1MHz (5 decade bands)
Frequency Accuracy: (SG-9200):

10Hz - 1MHz 5% +2Hz

100Hz - 100kHz 3% +2Hz

(SG-9500): +/-1 count +/- reference time

Output Distortion 500Hz to 50Hz less than 0.5%
50Hz to 500kHz less than 0.5%
Output Voltage 8Vrms 600ohm impedance
Output Flatness +/-1dB attenuator plus fine adjust
Square Wave
Frequency Range: (SG-9200): 10Hz to 100kHz
(SG-9300): 20Hz to 20kHz
Output Voltage 15Vpp
Rise Time 0.5µsec
Power: 120/220Vac, 50/60Hz
Dimension and Weight: 6" H x 10" W x 5-1/4" D / 5 lbs. 8oz.

Specifications: SC-9300 / SG-9500 Freq. Counter
Frequency Range 1Hz - 150MHz in 2 ranges
Accuracy +/-1 count, +/-reference time
Resolution 1Hz or 10Hz
Gate Time 0.1 sec, 1 sec
Input Sensitivity Less than 50mVrms
Input Impedance HF 1Mohm   VHF 50 ohm
Reference Time Frequency 10MHz
Reference Time Accuracy 5 x 10-5 (50ppm) 0 deg. to 40 deg. C
1 x 10-5 (10ppm) 23 deg. C +/-3 deg. C
Operation Temp. 0-40 deg. C
Digital Display 6 digit 0.56" LED

Model: GF-8046 with Built-in Frequency Counter

Model: GF-8025 without Frequency Counter

Main Output Counter (GF-8046 only)
Frequency Range 0.5Hz to 3MHz in 6 Ranges Display 5 Digit 0.336 Red LED Display with Autorange
Waveforms 6 Waveforms (Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, +Pulse, -Pulse Gate Time Auto or Variable (0.25s - 2s)
Amplitude 20Vpp (no load), 10oVpp (50ohm load) Resolution 0.001Hz
Attenuator 0dB, -20dB (<2%) MODE INT Funcdtion Generator / EXT Counter
Output Impedance 50ohm (+/-2%) Attenuator 0dB, -25dB (20)
DC Offset +/-10V with Pull ADJ Switch Acuracy +/- Time Base Accuracy +/- 1 Count
Frequency Accuracy GF-8025 Sine wave on full scale <3%
GF-8046 Counter Accuracy
Time Base 20MHz +/-10ppm (23 +/-5 deg. C)
Distortion <2%, 1Hz to 100kHz Frequency Range 0.2Hz - 60MHz
Rise/Fall Time <60ns Sensitivity 30m Vrms at 1MHz
V.C.F. Input 1:1 to 1:100 Maximum Impedance 1Mohm +/-2%
V.C.F. Input Voltage 0 to +10V Input Impedance 1Mohm +/-2%
Sync Output Power Source AC 115V / 230V +/-10%, 50/60Hz, 25W
Rise Time <30ns Dimensions 10-13/16" (W) x 3-1/2" (H) x 11-13/16" (D)
Output Level TTL level, >3Vpp fixed amplitude Weight 5 lbs. 8oz. (GF-8046), 4 lbs. 13 oz. (GF-8025)
Waveform Square, Pulse Safety Approvals UL, CUL, GS, TUV, CE, IEC1010, EN61010
Mode Linear/Log Sweep
Width 1:1 - 1:100 Continuously Variable
Sweep Output 10Vpp (no-load) or 5Vpp (1kohm load)
Output Impedfance 1kohm < 2%

20Hz - 150Hz Low Distortion Sine/Square Wave Audio Generator

Sine and square wave generator

20Hz to 150kHz in 46 steps

Low distortion R-C oscillator

Variable output control

Low battery indicator

Compact portable, light weight




Frequency Range: x1 range 20Hz to 1.5kHz (23 steps), x100 range 20kHz to 150kHz (23 steps

Accuracy: 20Hz through 100kHz (+/-3% or less), 120kHz and 150kHz (+/-5% or less)

Output Control: 0dB/-20dB attenuator switch and variable amplitude control

Output Impedance: approximately 600ohm

Sinewave Characteristics

Output Voltage: greater-than-or-equal-to 1.2V rms at max. setting (no load)

Output Flatness: (short term) 20Hz to 150kHz +0.5dB (reference frequency 1kHz)

Distortion: 200Hz - 15kHz <0.05% 15kHz-150kHz <0.3%

Square Wave Characteristics

greater-than-or-equal-to 5V p-p at maximum setting

Rise and Fall Time: Less than 0.5µs

Sag: Less than 5% at 20Hz (DC coupled)

Over Shoot: <2% from maximum output, to 50mV p-p

Duty Ratio: 50% +/-5%


Output Voltage: greater-than-or-equal-to 1.2 rms (no load)

Output Impedance: 1kohm +/-5%

Other specifications same as sinewave characteristics

Model: GF-800/555

100kHz Function Generator



Waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle

Frequency: 1Hz - 1MHzImpedance: 600ohm +/- 10%

Amplitude: Sine/Triangle 0-3V at 12V DC input
Square wave 8V (no load)

Frequency Variable Range: 100:1 or more

Frequncy Multipler: x1, x10, x100

Sine Wave

Distortion: Less than 1%

Flatness: +/-0.5 dB 1Hz-100kHz

Temperature Stability: +/-20ppm/ deg. C typical

Square Wave

Symmetry: Less than 5% (at 1kHz)

Rise and Fall Time: Less than 300ns (at 1kHz)

Triangle Wave

Linearity: Less than 1% (up to 100kHz)

Power Requirements: 9 to 18V DC at input

Model: FG-500


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