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Fiber Optics Voice and Data Kit with Training Course

Model: FO-30K

Learn the basics of fiber optics communications while you build this exciting kit. Transmit your voice or 1kHz signal through the fiber optic cable to a fiber optic receiver. Comes complete with all of the necessary components, including PC boards, microphone, speaker and fiber optic cable. Transmitter and receiver on separate boards, can be located hundreds of feet apart. Use for science projects.

Requires 2 9V batteries (P/N BAT9-V)
811020: Fiber Optic Cable - sold in spools of 10 feet

Fiber Optic Lab Kit with Training Course

Model: FO-40K

The course includes a 61-page manual and all of the material necessary to conduct nine stimulating experiments related to fiber optic communications. The experiments will give you a better understanding of fiber optics techniques and real fiber optics hardware. This lab kit can be used with any fiber optic text book or by itself.

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Fiber Optic Tool Kit

Model: TK-50

For use on 1,000µm plastic fiber. With this kit there will be no nicked or damaged fibers. It contains a no nick fiber stripper, hot knife cutting tool, termination fixture and carrying case.

Fiber Optic Splice Kit

Model: TK-25

For mending or extending 1,000µm plastic fiber. It contains fiber sleeves and retention clips to complete ten splices. No special tools, polishing or adhesive required. Instructions included.

Understanding Fiber Optics

Model: VT-501

Learn tomorrow's technology today! Fiber optics is changing the way we live, think and communicate. You will learn about fiber optic cables, connectors, couplers, splicers, transmitters, and receivers. 58 minutes viewing time.

Ceramic Kevlar® Cutter

Model: ST-340

Easily trim Kevlar strength member in fiber optic cable. The ceramic blades cut Kevlar quickly and precisely.

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of the E.I. Dupont Company

Fiber Optic Cable

Part #810020 - 1,000µm Core Plastic Fiber Optic Cable; sold per meter
Part #810021- Plastic Fiber Duplex Cable - sold by the foot


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