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Space War Gun

Model: K-10

This gun gives you realistic sounds and flashes you would expect in a Space Gun. Produces rapid fire or single shot with two flashing LEDs. Speaker included. Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

0-15V Power Supply

Model: K-11

The 0-15V Power Supply is one of the most useful, low-cost power supplies you can build. It supplies voltage to transistor radios, tape recorders, and electronic games.

Strobe Light

Model: K-12A

This kit produces a striking bright flash via a xenon flash tube. Requires 2 "C" batteries.

Christmas Tree

Model: K-14

Produces flashing colored LEDs and three popular Christmas melodies!
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Electronic Cricket

Model: K-16

The Electronic Cricket is the perfect project and fun game for family and friends. You will drive your friends crazy trying to find it! Speaker included.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

LED Robot Blinder

Model: AK-400/K-17

With the LED Robot Blinker, you will learn about free-running oscillators. You'll have fun building, displaying and learning about the LED Robot Blinder.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Digital Bird

Model: K-19

There are all kinds of birds in this world, singing all kinds of songs. But neither you nor they probably have heard anything quite like this! Speaker included.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Nerve Tester

Model: K-20

Test your ability to remain calm. Indicates failure by lit LED or mild shock.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

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Yap Box

Model: K-22A

Makes six exciting sounds:

  • Laser Gun
  • Siren
  • Puppy Bark
  • Diesel Horn
  • Wolf Whistle
  • Machine Gun

Case included.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Burglar Alarm

Model: K-23

The Burglar Alarm is an easy-to-build alarm control for your car, house, room, or closet. After the alarm is on, the only way to turn it off is to open the switch. Buzzer included.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Whooper Alarm

Model: K-24

The Whooper Alarm makes an excellent alarm device for the Combination Lock/Alarm Control. It can also be used independently as a sounder or siren. Speaker included.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Digital Roulette

Model: AK-300/K-25

The Digital Roulette will be a sure winner with you, your friends and your relatives. Thiery-two LEDs are arranged in a five-inch diameter circle.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Metal Detector

Model: K-26

Find new money and old treasure. Get started in the facinating hobby of metal detecting.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Pocket Dice

Model: K-28

The Pocket Dice is a handy little project to be used with any game of chance. Since it uses CMOS circuitry, it has the advantage of operating off a 9V battery.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

FM Microphone

Model: AK-710/K-30

Transmit your voice on any FM radio. Range up to 100 feet. Lean about microphones, audio amplifiers, and RF oscillators. With training course.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Telephone Bug

Model: K-35

Our bug is only the size of a quarter, yet transmits both sides of a telephone conversation to any FM radio. No battery needed.

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Sound Activated Switch

Model: K-36

Clap your hands and the light comes on...clap again and off it goes. Many other uses. Complete with microphone.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Resistor Substitution Box

Model: K-37

Contains 24 different value resistors from 1ohm to 1Mohm.

Capacitor Substitution Box

Model: K-38

Contains 24 different value capacitors from 100opF to .1µF.

Love Tester

Model: AK-500/K-39

Test your sex appeal with this exciting kit.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Temperature Adapter

Model: K-40/TA-12

Converts any digital multimeter* into a temperature probe. Range: -20 deg. F to 150 deg. F high accuracy.

*Requires 2Vdc range

Decision Maker

Model: K-43

Need help making up your mind? The Decision Maker will do it for you!
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Lie Detector

Model: K-44

The sound will tell if you are lying. The sound gets louder the more you lie. Fun at parties!
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Stereo Amplifier

New: Model: K-45

Boost your sound by 12W. Use on CD players, tuneres, computers, etc. Attractive case included.

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Stereo Pre-Amplifier

New: Model: K-46

Boost your speaker sound with this stereo pre-amp kit. Case included.

Wireless A/V Sender

New: Model: K-47

Transmit audio/video signals over the air to a receiving TV. It's like having your own mini broadcasting station.

Photo Sensor

New: Model: K-48

This photo sensor kit uses light to control the relay "on" or "off." Use on appliances up to 300W.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Mosquito Repellent

New: Model: K-49

Keep those hungry little female mosquitos away with this fun kit.
Requires 2 "AA" Batteries (P/N 590001)

Touch Sensor

New: Model: K-50

Touch the sensor to control the relay "on" or "off." Use on appliances up to 300W.
Requires 9V Battery (P/N 590009).

Telephone Line Analyzer

Model: TWT-1K

A telephone line analyzer kit that tests active phone lines with RJ-11 or RJ-45 modular jacks.


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