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Deluxe Kits

Motion Detector Kit

Model: AK-510

Learn the basics of motion detector technology while building this motion detector kit that uses an infrared sensor. Ues as a burglar alarm, message minder, room detector, or entry to home or business.

Requires 1 9V battery (BAT-9V)

FM Wireless Microphone Kit

Model: AK-710

Now you can hear your voice on the radio! This kit will have you singing in no time at all. After following our easy assemble manual, you'll be ready to transmit you rvoice on an actual FM radio. Range up to 100 feet.

Requires 2 "AA" batteries (BAT-AA)

Function Generator

Model: FG-500K

Provides sine, square or saw tooth waveforms continuously variable 1Hz to 1MHz. Amplitude adjustable to 3V peak to peak. Complete with all parts, PC board, schematic, deluxe case with handle and extensive assembly manual.

Available Assembled (Model FG-500)

Diode/Transistor Tester Kit

Model: DT-100K

This dynamic tester allows the checking of transistors and diodes in circuit. Identifies NPN or PNP transistors. Checks all types, small or large power. Identifies anode or cathode of diodes.

Available Assembled (Model DT-100)

Telephone Line Analyzer Kit

Model: TT-400K

A telephone line analyzer that provides fast indication of telephone line polarity, ring and line voltage levels, condition of phone line from user's telephone to central telephone office. It also can check basic telephone functions and condition of telephone line cord.

Available Assembled: Model:TT-400

Telephone Kit
Clear, See-Through Case with Training Course

Model: PT-323K/AK-700

The Elenco PT-323K/AK-700 is a push-button electronic telephone. It is equipped with the following features: Pulse/tone dialing, automatic redial, a ringer turn-off switch, 4 neon bulbs for visual indication of telephone ringing, and a clear see-through case to show the total inner workings of the phone. Sectionalized construction and testing makes construction easy. Wall mounting cradle included (shown below).

Radio Controlled Race Car

Model: RCC-7K with Training Course

The purpose of this project is to expand your understanding of basic transmitters, receivers and electronic switching theories. Your Turbo King Car will be built from the ground up. You'll learn all about gears, motors, printed circuit boards, and integrated circuits from our detailed assembly and training manual. You will construct each section, explore the circuitry and troubleshoot it.



7 remote functions

Flashing top light

Single channel operation

Remote control included

Requires 4 "AA" Batteries (BAT-AA) and 1 9V battery (BAT-9V)

Two IC AM Radio Kit

Model: AM-780K

New design, easy-to-build complete radio on a single PC board. Unique design allows you to place parts over its corresponding symbol on the PC board. Teaches the basic theory of AM radio operation. Detailed instructions and illustrations make it an easy an deducationally sound project.

Requires 1 9V battery (BAT-9V)


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